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Tailgate Struts/Lift Supports....

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Hello again all.

I was looking to order a pair of the tailgate lift supports for my friend's Volvo. I was looking to find the best price or if there are any other equivalents that are more readily available that can be used. Any suggestions?

I've tried ebay and am looking at some online parts places such as autopartswarehouse and online sources for local stores.

Thanks all!
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Re: (doc_rage)

EDITED: Sorry didn't notice you have a Vagon... Still hope my info could be useful..

You don't need to compress them to install. Actually you can destroy these trying to compress.

Install the mounts on the trunk lid arms. Then install inner part first (where the hook).

Push them hard -you should be able to hear "click".

Then ask someone hold the wide opened trunk , and you pull out the C- shaped spring (use a small screw driver or something) and put the strut on the "ball".

Release the spring by removing the screwdriver.
You are done.
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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