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Re: Tach Questions... (78brickonwheels242)

Quote, originally posted by 78brickonwheels242 »
I'm going to be putting in an aftermarket tach on my old 242 soon, but I'm not understanding the notes in the haynes manual... says to connect the tach to the coil on the neg side terminal, and not the distributor. On my other cars when I put a tach in, I just connected it to the green wire on the distributor...

I'm just trying to figure out how a coil is going to tell the tach the rpms, and not the distributor.

It is going to be one of the small 3" sunpro tachs from autozone.

You must connect the tach wire to the neg (-) side of the coil as the dist wires are only a sensor for the ignition module that switches the power to the coil.
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