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The TurboCord that comes with the T8 in the US and Canada has a NEMA 6-20 plug on it (for Level 2 charging). There may be times when you would have access to electrical service capable of providing the more desirable Level 2 charging - but not with the 6-20 receptacle. In many cases you may have a locking style outlet - which may be especially true in commercial environments.

It is important to note that in the NEMA nomenclature - a 6-20 plug or outlet is not the same as an L6-20. When the L precedes the identifier it typically means a locking style plug: it is easier to insert and a bit of a twist locks it in place. The 6-20 plug or outlet is more like your standard 120 VAC connections excepting one of the blades has been turned 90 degrees. (What is common is they both provide 20 amps maximum at 240 VAC.)

The NEMA L6-30 receptacle is pretty common - it provides a 30 amp circuit at 240 VAC. To connect your TurboCord (or any other portable charger with a 6-20 plug) all you need is either a pigtail adapter cord or a one-piece adapter.

A pigtail adapter would be a short (typically 1 foot / 30 cm) cord with the appropriate plug on one end (in this example, the NEMA L6-30P) and the NEMA 6-20R receptacle on the other. Note that typically a P on the end of the identifier means plug (aka male) whilst the R means receptacle (aka female).

You can make up such a pigtail cable with two connectors and a short piece of suitably gauged cable. You could pick up these pieces at your local hardware store ... but I would expect that the cost would probably exceed what you would find if you purchased on on-line.

Additionally - many of the pre-made pigtails would be molded and therefore more moisture resistant.

A quick look on Amazon finds an L6-30P to 6-20R 1-foot adapter for US $40.00. The 12 AWG (aka gauge) wire in the cable is what is required for the maximum of 20 amp service (which is what the receptacle is rated for).


Here's what the cable ends look like:

The other solution is just an adapter - which is a pigtail without the cord.

These are also readily available on Amazon from Conntek for under US $30:


And the L6-30P to 6-20R adapter photo:

There is also an L6-20 receptacle - very similar to the L6-30 but only providing 20 amps. This will also work with your TurboCord - and here is the similar adapter on Amazon (for US $20):


I prefer these adapters over a pigtail because they are small and easy to store.

You'll probably notice on the bottom of those Amazon pages that these are frequently bought together with the TurboCord!

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The above is an excellent post. I learned this weekend that, by far, the most common 240v outlet in the US is the L6-20R.

TurboCord's 6-20P won't work in most cases without the L6-20P -> 6-20R referenced above unless you are lucky enough to find a non-locking 6-20R (which is unlikely except for some window AC's at roadside motels).

In both of my stops the last two days, I could only find a L6-20R. If you haven't already, you may want to buy the one of the adapters and have it ready for your road trips.

Thanks for the earlier post and I hope this information finds its way into T8's owner manual. This would also be a good stickie for T8 owners - at least in US.
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