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Hello everyone,

I've had my '04 T6 for 2 years now, vigilantly searching for any sign of transmission issues. Unfortunately, the beast has shown it's ugly head.

Occasionally (typically when it's very cold out), the transmission will be incredibly difficult to shift out of park. I've also noticed a growing transmission fluid drip forming in my driveway. I took the XC90 to a transmission shop to get a fluid flush and diagnosis. They weren't able to find an issue with it, but supposedly lubed up the shifter linkages. The problems persist, and so I'm fairly sure that catastrophic failure is looming.

Unfortunately, the nearest Volvo dealer is 8 hours away. I don't exactly have the highest of faith in the local transmission shops, so any work I have done would be done by myself. I have a decent sized garage and have replaced AWD transmissions and engines before, but I understand that it would still be a monumental undertaking.

The vehicle has 160K KMs on it and has a few other fixable, albeit annoying issues (small exhaust leak, moaning power steering pump, etc.). I now face the difficult choice of;
A) Fixing the vehicle myself before things get worse.
B) Hope for the best and just keep driving it.
C) Trade it in on something else now, before it's too late.

The local dealers have offered me $2,500 for it, which, although insulting, is still more than I'd get for it with a blown transmission. I don't feel comfortable selling it privately, as I don't want to pawn this issue on to someone else. Asking prices in my area is around $5-$6K, so chances are I wouldn't be getting my money back from doing the repair.

All that being said, I suppose I have a few questions for you;

1) Has there been any word (recently) of Volvo helping with the T6 transmission issues, or has that ship sailed?
2) Does anyone have any information regarding people doing the transmission work themselves? Would it absolutely require a full replacement, or would a rebuild with the appropriately improved parts be enough?
3) Any recommendations as to where to source a proper transmission?
4) Is there any point in me actually trying to save this thing, or should I just take the hit and move on?

Thank you very much everyone, I appreciate any input you may have.
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