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I am looking for a good used wagon, what is the difference between the R Turbo wagon and the T5 Turbo wagon?
Is one much faster than the other, I am looking at model years 95-8.

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Just a few other things. Many of the Rs now have 16s or 15s on them as the 17s bend and or scrape easily. The 17s are beautiful, but come at a cost. I run them in the warmer months.

The R also has a full Alcantara interior (synthetic suede also used in other cars like the Audi S4). It's not as cold in the winter and not as warm in the summer.

The wood (actually platic) trim comes in different colors. On the gray interior is a dark wood tone and on the tan is a really ugly light wood tone.

The R also has stainless steel door sills, a two-tone leather steering wheel and a matching automatic tranny shift boot.

The spare should be a 17, but mine was long gone when I bought it. They made the 850R through 1997 and they came in black, red, or white, with some yellows in 1995.

The '95 came with a different wheel design and different alcantara interior.
Where is the checkered flag logo?

Depends how bad you want one BTW. I know a Volvo dealer here in the DC area that could probably pick one up at auction (nearby is the largest dealer auction in the country). Rs go through there all the time, and this is where the dealer got my car as well. In the same day, he also bought a black R wagon.

If you were willing to travel, he could probably do something I would assume.
Huh, that sounds cool. I don't think my '97 has it. Dang.
Prospero, I am referring to Manheim PA. They are the largest dealer only in the country.
1 - 4 of 22 Posts
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