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Ok, Honestly Yannis i dont no wht the hell your smoking. I got a 2.4t and i run 15.6. If you say a T5 stick runs 14.0, i gotta be running atleast 14.5. which is pyschically impossible. Really, get ur head out of the clowds and on the track. If anyone on this site has a stock T5 that under 14.7, ill buy them the Volvo Corporation. Really, I dont think you were thinking when you siad 14.0. are you sick in the head or something. Vette Convertable runs alittle less then 14.0. Man, please tell me you were joking. you reply to everyone thinking you know everything Yannis. and you try to tell me a T5 runs 14.0 LOL LOL LOL.

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1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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