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Though Kai may sound kinda negative, he's done the serious buildup and has payed the price. It isn't cheap, and once you do a major upgrade like that, there are always 10 more upgrades related to the first that you need to do to keep the car reliable.

What is your purpose for doing it? I'd ask yourself that. If reliability is not an issue, or you have the ability to do all your own work then let the games begin.

If you want reliability, then be prepared to either go with a more mild upgrade (ECU/exhaust) or to spend major money.

I look at $10K and think the same thing. My priority would be reliability, so I'd probably lean towards a tamer setup or with $10k burning a hole in my pocket, wait for an S60 R to come out, let some guy crack it up, and buy the motor and install it for the same price. There you'd have 300hp and reliability presumably.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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