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Hillsboro, NH - Today OSRAM SYLVANIA announced that it would reduce the retail cost of the aftermarket XENARC® High Intensity Discharge Upgrade Kit product line. Citing cost improvements, SYLVANIA expressed determination to pass these savings along to the aftermarket consumer. The price reduction arrives at a time when more and more consumers are requesting HID technology as a "must-have" option.

SYLVANIA'S XENARC HID lighting systems are the only street-legal HID product available in the automotive aftermarket today. The company will reduce the cost of its sealed beam, Ford and Chevy kits by $200 and its auxiliary low-beam kit by $100.

HID is offered as standard equipment on 7% of all European vehicles and has recently gained popularity in the U.S. Throughout the late 1990s, HID was typically offered as a $1,000 to $2,000 option on high-end luxury models. Today HID technology is more widely available as both an OEM and aftermarket option. Not only are HID headlamps available on luxury cars such as the Audi, BMW and Mercedes, they are also an option on the Nissan Maxima and Altima.

"Our price reduction is a response to evolving market conditions. It is a great industry achievement when a technology like HID rises in popularity and consumers request it by name," said Ted Hardenbergh, OSRAM SYVLANIA Aftermarket Product Manager. "Our goal is to make HID technology available and affordable to consumers, and reducing the cost of our kits will enable us to achieve that goal."

In January 1999, the Associated Press predicted this trend when reporter Glen Johnson wrote, "While HID lights arrived on the scene in high-end cars as a $1,000 option, some experts believe they will soon displace halogen headlights - the current technology - just as other lighting systems bettered the oil lamps first used on cars." (AP online, 1/19/99)

OSRAM'S SYLVANIA'S XENARC HID Price Reduction Includes:
X1010, Auxiliary Low-Beam Kit reduced from $547 to $447
X6054, X6024, X5006 and X4656 Sealed Beam Upgrade Kits reduced from $799 to $599

X2010, Ford F-series Upgrade Kit reduced from $899 to $699
X2020, Chevy Truck-series Upgrade Kit reduced from $899 to $699
While Sylvania XENARC line does not have direct Volvo applications at this time, their unique sealed beam upgrade kits, made to fit in cars that originally had one of four sealed beam headlight unit designs sold in the US, have the potential to be installed in virtually all older Volvos up to the 1984 240 and early 740 models.
OSRAM SYLVANIA, a Siemens company headquartered in Danvers, Massachusetts, is the North American operation of OSRAM GmbH. Its combined Automotive Lighting businesses, with principal operations in Hillsboro, New Hampshire, are number one in the world for automotive light sources, with nearly a third of the market. For more information about OSRAM SYLVANIA's Automotive Lighting business or its products, please contact: OSRAM SYLVANIA,

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