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Hi Guys,
Just got back from Sweden with the Uk owners club trip. Had the oppertunity to drive my babe around the track at Anderstorp the old Grandprix circuit.
The owner gave us all a task first and my partner went around with in in a new SAAB 9-3 250hp turbo the guy was something possessed she said as he was chatting away to her. Me following him and the merry band of other Owners on the trip behind not using the racing line!

I personally went around later in a t5 s60 with a test driver not bad, as Rikard Rydell was testing inFrance and was supposed to have been there no such luck, but i have already met him.

It was great to see all differents sorts out there, mine an N/A 850 having some stick, a PV, a few 940's 120, s60, s80, 480 and a few others.

I lost my bottle a little bit and braked within the 100 and 200 markers as the breaking effect with oem pads is frighting as you don't seem to stop as quick!!!!. Anyway i didn't above 3rd (redlining her) all the way around except when coming in.

The only car to pass me on the inside was a t5 of the local old bill.

Seem more in the driving i hope and a pic of me lead footing it i hope.

Mark in leeds/uk
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