When he isn’t busy being rakishly handsome or racing Polestar Volvos in the Scandinavian Touring Car Championship, Prince Carl Philip also runs the design company, Bernadotte and Kylberg with his colleague, Oscar Kylberg.

So, when Polestar decided to make an art car—an S60 Polestar WTCC—for the Goodwood festival of speed, who else could they turn to but Bernadotte & Kylberg.


“We are humbled and excited to get this assignment,” writes the design company in a release. “The concept behind the design is the Swedish flag. We wanted to drape the car in the Swedish colours and to use Cyan Racing as an element in the design like a track texture. We also wanted to create a sense of constant motion on the car but still keeping it simple. A lot of the design in motorsport is overly complicated and we wanted to keep the Scandinavian tradition of simplifying things. We are very much excited to see the car at Goodwood Festival of Speed.”

The art car will be on display in the F1 paddock at Goodwood as will the road going version of the S60 Polestar.