Have a spare Lambo engine kicking around and looking for a suitable engine swap candidate? What better choice is there than a 2975 Volvo 245 wagon?

Ok, maybe there are a few better choices. But not for YouTuber and car modifier PeterBjorck.

This wasn't exactly a stock 245 to begin with. No, instead of the venerable if boring Volvo four-cylinder, this hot wagon had the 2JZ inline-six from a Toyota Supra under the long red hood. But that engine is gone now, replaced by a mock-fitment of the Gallardo's 5.0L V10.

Unlike most YouTube extreme projects that have more confidence than common sense, this user is up front that he might not be able to get everything together. New manifolds and a new brake booster are a challenge to fit this wide engine. Fitting the car's transaxle in the front isn't going to work, so a new gearbox plan is needed. But even those aren't the worst part.

This engine came from a crashed GT2 Gallardo racer. The block isn't exactly perfect. There's a crack in it. Which might hurt the 550 hp wagon plans. He doesn't seem all that worried about it, looking at using sleeves in the broken engine, though he is looking for a second short block.

So watch the start of what could be a very interesting project, including the engine getting fitted. Let's call it the Raging Moose. Somebody photoshop up that badge, please.