It seems so long ago now, but 2001 vividly sticks out because it was such a transformative time. The global significance of the year is known to all, but to Volvo enthusiasts it was also a new era. 850 and X70 models were rapidly moving into the hands of younger enthusiasts, while the dynamic first-generation S60 promised a new post-brick future for the brand. This is what drove us as we set to launch Swedespeed.

Both the Volvo brand and Volvo enthusiasts have seen a significant transition since that time. The Ford era ended, while the scene of enthusiasts exploded, the P2 R cars launched, then came the most recent modern generation. My time on this site shifted over the years, first handing over managerial duties to Stu Fowle, then Chris Stewart took the helm a few years back.

Now, the new XC90 is out, ushering in yet a third coming of Volvo. At the same time, the internet continues to be an ever evolving landscape where things like smartphone integration, apps, and changing platforms left us both optimistic of the future and also aware that long-term survival and growth of Swedespeed would require an even more dominant hand. So, when we were approached months ago by the large enthusiast media company VerticalScope, we saw an opportunity to hand off Swedespeed to a company much more ambitious and better prepared to take this Volvo enthusiast site into a new era.

Look over VerticalScope's vast portfolio of enthusiast sites and we suspect you'll find several you've frequented in your online experience. We know several site owners who've joined up with their team and have seen that they have been positive stewards of key enthusiast communities and outlets. In as much, we're incredibly excited by the potential offered by such a move.

So, what will change for Swedespeed readers? From the viewpoint of the reader, the important key factors that make Swedespeed what it is will not change. Chris Stewart will remain as lead editor and admin in the forums, plus our moderator team isn't changing other than adding in a very experienced support team from VerticalScope.

What will become of me? I'm off to focus more on parenting and maybe take on some new projects. I suspect any project may likely involve the automotive industry and specifically the enthusiast space, but whatever that is hasn't yet been determined.

In the meantime, I'd like to thank the Volvo community for letting me be a part of it for so many years. I'd like to thank Volvo for being so supportive, and the Volvo Club of America for letting me sit on their board for a time. It's been an unforgettable and highly educational run, and I am all the better for it.

If you want to discuss this further with us or drop us a note, I've attached a link to a discussion thread in our forums and it is linked below.