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SVR Lite Cat-back ***FEELER***

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I wanted to gauge the interest in my SVR Lite cat-back (max of 10-15k miles on it)... nothing wrong with it aside from the loudness that I am sure is annoying my neighbors. The pipe has been lengthened in the back to compensate for the 06-07 bumper difference (so it may look odd on an 04-05) and i had the hanger bent to clear the AWD module and a new tip to replace the gold SVR tip. Shoot me a message with a resonable offer if you are interested and we will see if its worth me selling.

Modified by GPollman at 10:14 AM 3-9-2009
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Excuse the nastyness i havent given it a good wash in a while... you can see the 3-4 inch addition i have to add on to line up with the longer bumper on the 06-07... not looking for a ton of cash but i dont want it hanging around the garage after i get the new one and figure someone would want to use it atleast for the pipe to work on their own catback project....
how much are you asking
Re: (sacrifice)

hows 250 including shipping sound? dont want too much since it was kinda fitted to my car so on an 04 you would want the hanger rebent to tuck the pipe back up and probably have the back part of the pipe chopped 2-3inches since the 07 has that bump out on the bottom of the bumper
LOL this is loud even louder then my 3" SS Turbo back that I have on
I would say its on par with the evLOLe catback....

Still running on 87 craptane fuel..... oooooo was it too soon to bring it up

Modified by GPollman at 6:01 PM 3-9-2009

Modified by GPollman at 6:01 PM 3-9-2009
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LOL no 93 now on
would i just need to bend the bracket and will it bolt right up or do i need to get it welded.
Re: SVR Lite Cat-back ***FEELER*** (GPollman)

Will here, just sent you a IM. Hit me up if you still have this for sale http://********************/smile/emthup.gif
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this still for sale?
ill take it
Re: (veeco3110)

Sorry for not replying, I have been out of commission for the last 2 days with a nasty flu, anyways as of now the exhaust is spoken for... I will repost if it falls through.
Re: (GPollman)

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