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Suspension upgrade - Anti Sway or Shocks?

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now if there is only 1 choice, which one should I be buying? Anti Sway bars or Shocks/Springs?

Which one will have the bigger bang for the buck?
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sways...unfortunately, ipd is the only one i know of (and i have searched many a place) that makes 850 sways...but it's on it's 4th redesign (rear sway has broken, too much stress in the delta link) and it's not out yet....this will run u ~250.

springs/shocks will run u at perhaps ~500 + ~200.
oh, if ur car is base/glt model or a turbowagon, u could try some r sways...they are thicker (and in the case of some turbowagons, be there, because some wagons came without rear sways)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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