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I drove from NC to Canada in the 01 V70 t5.
As i hit northern ohio i noticed a scary swaying. I can best describe it as the feeling you get when a Transfer Truck (air draft) pulls in front of you.

I knew my font suspension was going out so I already had new Struts, upper strut mounts, LCA bushings, and steering bump stops.
I did not buy sway bar links because I plan on making my own. (and im sure detroit roads would eat them in 4 miles.)
I replaced all those pieces and still noticed the swaying today.
Interstate driving only, Usually when no one is infront of me.

Im sure i need an alignment but im starting to think that something in the rear is gone.

Another thing I noticed while under the car the turbo had a drip of oil on the compressor side of the turbo. ??
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