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i was doing some research regarding my suspension set up. i want to replace all the bushings in my suspension that causes the rough ride every time i hit a bump or a pot hole. i just want someone to point me toward the right direction, i have been lurking ipd's website and might buy the parts from there. should i buy from ipd or get oem parts? also i was wondering where the best place is to buy rotors and brake pads.

my list: in order

1. rotors?
2. brake pads?
3. lca bushings?
4. tires: continental dws 225/40/18
5. alignment

i was planning on doing everything in the list all at once. was wondering if the bushings could be done myself to save some money? also am i missing anything in my list that i should do while i try and refresh my suspension set up?

thanks for the help
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