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Surging on 96 850 Turbo

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I've been noticing a slight surging feeling in my 850 T5 lately. It seems to be more noticable when cruising at a constant speed, or when slowly accelerating, up a hill for example. There's no noticable movement on the tach, or any difference in the idle pitch, I can just feel it slightly. My Lambda (O2?) light came on a little while ago, but the surging happens when the car has warmed up, so I don't know if it's related. Anyone have any ideas?
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I have the same problem- also tranny issue I just posted-- also low boost- I wonder if all of the problems are related.

My tranny also upshifts wit a bit of a jolt.
Re: (kakalak)

I've had this surging forever, and just ignore it. It's never tripped any lights though.

It may be when you're using barely any throttle, the car will use it, then you'll gain speed, so not need it, and vacillate back and forth, i know that's the only time i get surging with mine. My mechanic says it's totally normal.
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