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Sunroof Not Working

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We don't use the sunroof a lot, but opened it the other day and now it is stuck in the open position. I don't hear any actuator or motors running when pressing the switch. The Autel scanner shows that the sunroof button is actual working when I move it to different positions. Any suggestions?
  1. Checked the fuse under the passenger side foot well and that's good
  2. Disconnected the main and auxiliary batteries to reset the ECM, no change
  3. Ran Autel diagnostics and got the following codes;
    • B14EA54 Confirmed Sunroof initialization check, System programming faults, Calibration missing
    • B14EB54 Confirmed Sun curtain initialization check, System programming faults, Calibration missing
    • B150813 Confirmed Sunroof motor panel, General electrical faults, Circuit open
I'm most concerned with the last code. I'm thinking I need to replace the overhead console that has the switch in it or the actual motor.

2018 XC90 Momentum. Comments and suggestions are appreciated.
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Update, I removed the overhead console panel buy simply pulling it down since it's held in with clips. The drive motor for the glass is on the right hand side of the hole. With some difficulty and small tools I was able to get to the motor, inset a small hex and manually close the sunroof by advancing the motor manually.

After this I reconnected the overhead console and everything came to life. Using my Autel scanner, I ran the sunroof calibration routine and it reset the roof and the sunshade. Everything is working fine now but I still don't know the root cause for the issue. Cleared all codes and back in action.

Hope that helps someone else.
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