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I would like to share with you a successful retroffiting of steering wheel with paddle shifters to Volvo V40 T5 AWD from 2013 (MY2014) with a B5254T12 engine and a six speed geartronic.
I ordered the steering wheel
with paddles to volvo v60 as they are rather compatible and interchangable with
all the "newer" volvo (v40, s60, v60, v70, s80, sx60). I risked and it
At the very beginning I have
to thank the Finnish guy Ossi Pietila, who at the Swedespeed forum has
figured out diagrams and described what suppodes to be done to make the
steering wheel in his S60 t6 from 2011 work.
According to Pietila, apart
from the steering wheel you need the GearShiftModule(GSM) from the model year 2014+ with part numbers at least 31367921, which was fortunately not really true because I have the number 31367 590 in my car and it works ... but only in sport mode, with D it doesnt - maybe in newer ones it works also in mode D).

*You do not need to upload any software!

After removing the airbag and
the steering wheel, the SteeringWheelModule (SWM) should be disassemble (two
screws on the top of the, unclip the two plugs and pull out), now unscrew
wipers and info-reset switchers (very simple matter) and you see a printed
circuit board that needs to be unscrewed and two wires must be soldered to
terminals 7 and 5 to the bootom of printed circuit board.
Then lead these two wires to
the green plug of the GSM, unscrewing the armrest-tunnel beforehand. In my
case, I didnt have to dismantle the entire tunnel. By tilting and maneuvering
the tunnel, you could unplug the green connector and put those two wires into
empty ports 4 and 5.

*After assembling the steering wheel with
paddles you can enjoy manual gear shifting.

A hint: I used female pins to connect to GSM which I took from a similar green plug of an old volvo radio. it's advisable to have such a plug (not necessarily radio) because after extracting the pins from the plug and reconnecting them to GSM is just a plug and play procedure.

Everything took about 4 hours.
Greetings from Poland.
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