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I've started having a problem with my 06 VR bogging down off the line, and this morning completely stalling.
No CEL messages coming up, and when I plugged in Dice to see what codes are coming up I get no communication with Dice (was working fine a few months ago, new issue).
Running the Dice diagnostic tool, it's there, but a communication test throws up 'Self diagnostic connector is not attached"

I've found a few scattered posts with varying resolutions, but I'm now facing an issue with no way of finding out whats causing the problem (and facing another $200+ and 3 weeks for a new Dice unit if thats koozed).

I suspect that this is a fuel pressure issue of some kind, it's intermittent but increasing in frequency.
I know my mates Snap On scanner was actually fairly good at picking up quite a few of the CEM codes that I could verify in Vida afterwards (Old XC70, this will be the first issue I've had with my R)

So a two prong question really - possible/probable causes and will another scanner likely pick something up, and Dice - anyone worked through a message like that one, most online posts say cheap ****e unit off Alibaba and mine was a better regarded one from a guy in Lithuania IIRC
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