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Stuff 2 Do 2 our 245 & JP Styling

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Does anyone know anything about JP Styling? I was looking for ideas for our 240 tonight and came across this. Check out the two lower pics. I'd love to do that spoiler and those taillights.

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A few people have mentioned at the brickboard that they've dealt with Juha at volvonet.org sucessfully. I'd probably buy from him.

There's a V70 roof spoiler on ebay now that could probably fit the 245. Item # 598992585 (Ends tomorrow night, 12/15)

The only 245-specific spoiler I know of is from Plast & Son in Sweden, and their customer service has been known to be poor and slow. Here's a picture:
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George, I got the taillights for my Bertone from hova.com, and they sell those taillights you're referring to. I had to do a money transfer into their account from the bank, but it was easy...

I was going to suggest hova.com too, but I didn't see the 245 red/clear taillights (röd/vita baklampor) listed on the website anymore. I'm pretty sure they used to list them, so it's worth emailing them for a price quote.
Cool thanks I'll do that. Any ideas what kind of roof spoiler that is in the top one. It's smaller and more subtle, thus right up my alley. Do you think it is a V70 unit?

The roof spoiler looks like it might be meant for a 700/900 series. Here are some pictures of a 745 with a home made roof spoiler using 945 & 855 spoiler parts (it still looks similar to the 245 above):

Or just mold together a 745 and V70 spoiler like Peter Moorcroft did:

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Originally posted by [email protected]:
I'd love to do that spoiler and those taillights.
I think the taillights look cool but as long as you don't see the yellow bulb. Over in England you can get these bulbs called Phillips Silvervision which have a silver coating on the bulb but light up yellow. I don't know what size bulb it takes on the taillight and you might have to modify the bulb a little to fit in the socket.

Link to a G20 page where I saw it.
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