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Anyone have any experience with the driveshaft for the t5 awd. I was hoping that all the bolts would come out nicely but they havent. One is stuck and rounded. I've tried all the methods to getting stuck Allen bolts out but none prevail. I'm at my wit's end with this car it's a complete dud and regret buying it at this point. #somuchrust馃徑

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Well, you have some options.

You could hammer on a wrench that is one size too small. Edit. Probably not a good idea on the driveshaft. Something more sturdy ive done it before.

Or buy one of those special grip wrenches for removing rounded bolts/nuts. Depending on how badly rounded it is. If there's no flat spot at all proceed to next step. Lol

You could cut the head off and drill it out, but obviously carefully not to damage the actual driveshaft itself. This is probably the last resort step....

Or you could use a dremel, air tool/grinder, or a file, to shave off material and make some flat edges to get a smaller wrench on it.

Or use vice grips.

But I would make sure and soak the bolt overnight if it is a northern vehicle with salt corrosion. Scrub the exposed threads on the other side (nut side) with a metal wire brush, clean them up a bit so they have a smooth path out. As much as possible anyway.
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