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Struggling to accelerate v50t5

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Hi all, new here
So here's my problem, I have a v50 t5 04, just recently had it mapped, and somethings not right, the map was reputable and pretty decent, so I don't think it's that, i feel something can't handle it
, from revs 1k to 3k when accelerating, it's like my car is loading, holding boost then releasing it all around the turbo at 3.5k, it stutters and struggles to accelerate, at lower speeds, I'll put my foot down, revs barely go up nor does speed, I get some judderes then boom I'm going 60 in a 30 and my wheels are spinning, it sounds like it's struggling to suck air, or somthing, checked the sparks, they seem fine, checked codes all good their, sorry for the poor description, it's the best I can do as it's blagged my head so much lately, if it helps I get a bit off a whirl when I'm accelerating high revs , not sure if that's the normal turbo
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Thanks alot guys I'll try these things and get back to you hopefully with a solution, appreciate it
Well shortly after this I went down to a pals, we were fiddling around with the car, checked all the stats on code reader, but anyway he disconnected the maf to see if that was an issue, no issue I came home with the same problem, and when I woke for work I started the car, it started for a few secs then shut off all dash lights came on then then I started it again and no issues what so ever no problems anymore it's like it reset itself so unfortunately I don't have a fix, but it's been randomly running great
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