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Hello all, nice to join this fantastic community.
We currently have two v60 in our stable -A pretty rare thing I am sure: A leased 2017 t5, and an almost brand new 2017 Cc that we bought to replace the lease ending soon ( If anyone has any questions about the differences between them, feel free to ask).
Living in Southern California, we make great use of these great little wagons cargo capacity; Notably, hauling surfboards to the beach. And this where I have been having this rather puzzling and rather frustrating issue with the tailgate on BOTH vehicles:
Whenever I park a short distance to the beach, the tailgate refuses to unlatch: when I press the solenoid strip on the latch, nothing happens. I try then to pop open the tailgate from the switch inside the car; nothing either.
I am then forced to access the cargo compartment through the rear passenger door.
At first I thought it was because I carried the smart key in a watertight pouch that might not have been properly sealed in my wetsuit, but it also happened when the key stayed dry on the beach.
As soon as I would arrive home, the tailgate latch would resume functioning normally.
This is utterly strange, as the tailgate would perfectly open in the rain. So I can discount moisture affecting the operation of the solenoid.
The car is at the dealer, where of course they never heard of this issue before.
Has anyone encountered the same problem? It would be helpful to know i am not alone /crazy.
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