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Strange steering noise

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First time posting here. My 2000 XC70 AWD has been making a strange squealing sound when steering. When the car is still cold, there will be no noise at all, but after the car warms up, it will squeak when i turn the wheel. I speculate this might be a power steering pump on the fritz, but maybe you guys can point me in another direction.
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A squeak or a squeal?
I have seen the rubber boot around the steering column at the firewall squeak when cold. If it is that you can lube it up with some spray silicone or similar.

If it is a squeal it may be the pump itself.
Re: Strange steering noise (lobby)

A worn serpentine belt can cause a squeak/squeal
Re: Strange steering noise (JRL)

Quote, originally posted by JRL »
A worn serpentine belt can cause a squeak/squeal

Which would definitely correlate with his no noise when cold scenario, since the belt would slightly expand when everything heats up. http://********************/smile/emthup.gif
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