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Greetings forum members. First post here. We picked up our new Inscription model about two weeks ago. It is primarily my wife's DD.
We're still climbing the rather steep learning curve with respect to all the new tech features. So, here's the issue.

My wife says that when she steps on the brakes the radio goes into mute - volume goes to zero - and she needs to reset the volume. It seems to happen primarily when she's coming to a full stop (like a stop sign) or quickly slowing down from highway speed. But does not happen under more moderate brake pressure.

Anyone else experience this, or have an idea what might be going on here?

Thanks in advance.

Wow, that is an odd and new one to me and I thought I had encountered almost all the bugs reported here (and reported a lot myself). That would be super annoying. It's definitely not correct behavior and not common.

I just read on another topic someone saying the start/stop feature on their car causes the radio volume to go down. As a test, try turning this feature off on your car and then do the same braking that causes the volume to mute and see if it still does. You can turn this feature off (per drive -- it resets with each use of the car) using the center display screen. It's the feature that shuts your motor off every time you come to a complete stop. Perhaps there is something that is causing this to try and conserve power when the engine is shut down. Could reflect a battery issue with the secondary battery in the car that is used specifically for the start/stop feature. I am just speculating here. I would definitely have the dealer check it out. But trying this test first could help with the diagnosis.
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