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This my first post here, and about my first Volvo. I have owned two Saabs, among other marques, and ran into a good deal on a 2002 S60 after the fuel pump failed on my Jaguar X-Type. $2600 to repair, and I picked up the Volvo for less than half that. I have owned it for three months now, and am not even missing the Jag too much. I think I will be driving this Volvo for a long time, and oh yes, it has 155K miles.

It has this nagging problem. From time to time, there is a screeching sound from the front of the car when I let up on the gas. Tapping the brake pedal makes it go away. I suspected the brake wear indicator, but then it made the sound on being shut down after driving. A vacuum leak?

Then I notice, since the Volvo is much quieter than the Jag, a not-very-loud hissing noise which goes away when I use the brakes. Is that normal? Or again, a vacuum leak?

I would take it to a garage, but it is an intermittent/occasional problem. I'm posting this in "Brakes" because that's my best guess - brakes slow and stop the car with ease, btw.
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