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Strange clicking sound from clutch? Help?!

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I get a strange rapid clicking sound when I use my clutch, and can't tell what it is! Help!

If you imagine the rapid clicking sound of a ratchet being turned, that's what it sounds like. It seems to happen with engine movement. If i accelerate it happens, and if i slow down using the gears instead of brakes it does it - in both cases it is when the engine moves on its mounts. I have checked the bottom mounts, abd they're fine. i replaced the top mount (on the cross bar) too. The drive shafts are also good. the only thing I found that I thought strange was that i could move the cross bar forward and backward by hand quite easily (although this does not make the sound). Should it move like this, or be firm / stiff? I have seen an identicle car making the exact same noise when it drove past me.
The car is an S60 2.0t SE, in the UK.
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Sorry, I forgot to mention that the noise only happens momentarily, only when the engine rocks, then it stops.
Re: (PeterM)

Oh cool, cheers.
One thing though............ where do I put the loctite?!?!
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