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Re: Stillman Volvo has become a HEICO-affiliated retailer (GrecianVolvo)

Hi Yannis,

Congrats on your new relationship, and I hope it works well for you and your organization. Giving the customer more choices in this competitive market will help sales, I'm sure. Your comments here have always been very well thought out, and obviously you know Volvo (and your customers!) very well.

Have you heard anything, rumor or otherwise, about a possible Volvo hybred car? I've not read or seen anyting on this type of car. I understand the European Volvo diesel engines run on different grades of fuel then the ones here, which is why we're not seeing any models to come across next year--any thoughts on this?

Again, congrats, and keep up the great writing.

Mike Newburger
aka 'Newie' from K.C.
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