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Back, by popular demand, is our semi-annual opportunity to buy a Volvo VIP extended warranty at great savings!

Here are the important points to remember:

* Your Volvo must be no more within 2 months or 2,500 miles of its original factory warranty expiration point. In other words, if your new Volvo has less than 2 months OR more than 47,500 miles on its odometer, we cannot extend your warranty.

* If your car has more than 15,000 miles on its odometer, a physical inspection of the car must be performed by Stillman Volvo. The cost is minimal but please keep in mind we are located about 20 miles SE of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

* You must direct all warranty inquiries to our Financial Services Manager, not to me. His name is Jonathan Stillman and his e-mail address is:
[email protected]

* Please do not ask for multiple quotes; such as "give me 4 different terms with four different deductibles each"...That only delays the reply time for everyone else and we are also doing this to HELP people get a warranty at a great price. Ask for two terms (max) and/or two different deductibles (your choices are: $0, $50, $100 and $200). Last time we did this, the response was overwhelming (which was OK) but I had to calculate a zillion different types of scenarios.

* The ABSOLUET DEADLINE for this offer expires at 8:00pm EST, Wednesday March 22, 2006.

* When you submit a quote request please have the follwoing pieces of info ready: model year of your car, model name, original date of purchase and current mileage

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact ME or Jon.

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