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I have a U.S. base S60 2.4 which does not include the steering-wheel stereo controls. Does anyone know if these can be added by the dealer, and if so, how much they should cost?

I would guess the computer would need to be re-programmed for them to work. (As a side-note, my S60 arrived without the ground lighting feature on the driver side-view mirror. The dealer replaced the mirror, but actually had to download new software to get it to work!!!)


2001 S60 2.4ASR - 3800 miles
Silver Metallic w/Graphite Leather
Introduction Package
Automatic Transmission
16" Mimas Wheels
AOL Package
- CD Changer
- Speaker Upgrade (Wow!)
- Rear Sunshade
- Rear Mudflaps
- Cargo Mat (carpeted, not plastic)
- First Aid Kit

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Sounds like quite an undertaking I too have the base 2.4 but haven't even considered such a mod. It's one of those things that unless it came on the car probaly isn't worth trying. For the price of the upgrade you probably would've been half way to the price of a 2.4T with the controls on the wheel from the factory.
If you do pull it off...keep us posted...good luck
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