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During the winter, the V50 has been in a couple of times for the same problem:

Below about 35 degrees, when the car is started, the stereo and navigation ststem just blink on and off for 1 to 5 minutes.

It has had two "software upgrades", and still the same problem.

Last week, for two days, the nav system alternately showed that I was a half-mile southof my actual position, with the car going in the opposite direction of travel, and then on the right road, but the red "vehicle" indicator showed the correct DIRECTION of travel, but that I was BACKING UP!

Couldn't get the Volvo welcome/disclaimer screen to come up (Don't blame us if you drive into a fjord, etc). After a couple of days it corrected it's self.

I've tried running just the stereo (no nav automatically starting when the car is started), but th stereo still does the 5-min blinking warm-up.

Frustrating, between the upcharge for the stereo that was a prerequisite for the Nav system, and the pricce of the Nav system.

LOVE the V50, not a fan of the software. Any similar experiences? Misery enjoys company.

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Re: Stereo and GPS squirrelly in cold weather? (spumwuzzle)

I had some problems with the NAV system and the Audio system. Although they are not exactly the same I don't mind sharing misery.

During a long drive (4 hours plus) my entire NAV/Audio system froze up and sarted cycling between Radio and CD, locking out all other functions including phone and NAV
The next day I still had the radio/CD problem (did not try the NAV) and it returned from time to time for about a week. As mysteriously as it arrived it stopped and I thought that was the end of it.

However just a few days later my Nav system located me somewhere where I was definitly not. I hoped that this problem too would disappear by itself

However it turned out that my NAV system had commited suicide, and I needed a replacement of the GPS module and a antenna replacement. No reason as to what might have happened was offered by Volvo. Some things just happen

I am not sure these problems are all interlinked but the way they happen so close to gether makes me believe they might be.

I just hope this was the last of the software problems
I am going to encounter in my otherwise very well behaved V50...
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