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Hi all! Just a quick note to announce our Official Swedespeed Sponsorship effective immediately. After many years of avid support, we felt it was the perfect time to sponsor the amazing community of Volvo drivers at Swedespeed.
For those of you who have previously done business with our dealership, some for vehicle sales and service, but mostly those who have purchased Volvo VIP Protection plans, we thank you for your support and are extremely glad to help support your Volvo ownership.

For those unfamiliar with our dealership, here’s a little background - we’re a family-owned and operated Volvo dealership located in Pawtucket, RI. We have a very long tradition of auto sales, as we’ve been in business since 1934. To read our entire story, click here: https://www.steingold.com/history-of-steingold-volvo-cars.htm - it’s a quick read, and very interesting!

For those who are local to RI (or even those who aren’t) and are interested in vehicle sales or service, feel free to visit us or send us a note - we’ll be happy to help. And of course, mention that you’re a Swedespeed forum member to get the member discounts!

For those interested in purchasing our infamous VIP Protection plans for your newly purchased or existing vehicle, visit the link here for direct access to our VIP Online Store: https://vip.steingold.com/ (Use SWEDESPEED for a $200.00 discount off any order!)

Due to high volume VIP penetration nationwide, you’ll be pleased with the lowest pricing nationwide - and of course, we only offer the Volvo-branded VIP Plans, which are valid at all Volvo retailers in the US. And be sure to use the SWEDESPEED promo code that has now been enhanced to $200.00 off any order placed online - and be sure to choose a Free Gift!

The site above is very self explanatory on which vehicles are eligible, but read below to make things even simpler as we’ve created TWO (2) separate online VIP Portals. See below links:

Use https://vip.steingold.com/ for the below:

VIP Extended Warranty Service Contracts (1,000 Miles or Less)

VIP "Certified by Volvo" Warranty Upgrade Service Contracts

VIP Prepaid Maintenance Plans (40,000 Miles or Less)

VIP Tire & Wheel Protection Bundle Plans (All Model Years Vehicles)

VIP Appearance Protection Plans (All Model Years Vehicles)

VIP Wear Protection Service Contracts (10,000 Miles or Less)

The link below is a newly created VIP Portal through Darwin Automotive - although New vehicles with 1,000 miles or less are a bit easier to quote pricing for, pre-owned vehicles are a bit more complicated. This tool now enables customers to get VIP Warranty quotes 100% online, and in real time. It even creates the actual contract and will process the coverage immediately - even email you the signed and completed contract!

For those who have more than 1,000 miles on their vehicle, or are possibly thinking of purchasing a vehicle and need a VIP quote, this portal is for you. And no worries about needing to enter a promo code at checkout here - the discounts have been applied in the backend, so the pricing you see online is our BEST price.

Use https://direct.darwinautomotive.com/Home/Dealer/77cc91da-597e-4eba-8468-77ee099fef93 for the below:

VIP Extended Warranty Service Contracts (1,000 Miles or More)

VIP Prepaid Maintenance Plans (40,000 Miles or More)

Apologies for the long-winded thread, but we just wanted to get our offerings across to the community as clearly as possible all at once - but of course, if any questions, send us a private message! We look forward to hearing from you all, and thank you for your loyalty and support!

Michael Bernardo
Director of Marketing
Steingold Volvo Cars
[email protected]

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