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Steering wheel vibration...

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I just installed my wheel adapters(21mm) with my 16X6.5 Columba rims running 205/55/16 Futura GTX. For some reason the steering wheel vibrates like crazy when driving above 45~50mph. I just took the wheels to get balanced today at local NTB. They did not find any weight at all for the tires, and the tires were inflated to crazy 45 psi(I think the kosher range should be around 32, right?).

After the visit to NTB just now, the steering wheel is still vibrating like crazy. I might take it back to them again...

I noticed when I was mounting the front wheels onto the adapters, I could swear that the wheels seeem to be awfully close to the struts. Could that be the reason I am getting all these vibs from the front wheels??

I thought 21mm is more than enough to fit those wheels...anyone got any ideas? Thanks the help~

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Kai, I think that you should get the wheels balanced while on the car. The spacers may not be centered exactly, so that could cause the vibration. I had this problem when I first installed the spacers on my 244. I loosened them, re-adjusted, and tightened them, and everything has been ok.

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