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Steering wheel and dash

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Please refresh my memory it has been 5 years since I last removed a dashboard from an Amazon.

I think the last still connected thing is the steering wheel, and I think it is different on my '64 than it was on my '63. (the mounting of it that is, ofcourse the actual wheel is the same).

After removing the chrome horn ring, and undoing the 1-1/4 nut the wheel doesn't come out. On the steering wheel I have 2 holes with threads in them, but no bolts mounted, and a third much, much smaller hole with something that looks like a small rivet (it doesn't take a flat screwdriver nor a phillips one) Is that what it is, a rivet? Do I have to drill that out and then all is good?

The steering wheel on my '63 didn't have any of these. There were no bolt holes and no third smaller hole. I just undid the 1-1/4 nut and it was out.

What are those two larger threaded holes for? What size would the bolts be?
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Re: Steering wheel and dash (Amazon63)

The large nut is the only thing that fastens the wheel, but they often get stuck on over time. The small rivet is actually the back end of a pin that engages the turn signal cancellation collar. The two threaded holes are there to accept a puller of some sort, but I have had wheels stay stuck even with a serious puller. Here is what always works for me, even when a puller will not (you need an assistant):

Put the nut back on loosely so no one loses any teeth when the wheel finally pops off.

Assistant gets in the passenger seat, holds a hollow drift against the big nut with one hand (a spark plug socket might work), and pulls back firmly on his or her side of the wheel with the other hand.

You stand in the open driver's door, pull back firmly on your side of the wheel with one hand, and smack the &%$# out of the drift with a large hammer.

It might take a few smacks, but the wheel will pop.
Re: Steering wheel and dash (Amazon63)

Never having seen the guts of an Amazon's steering wheel, my guess is that the two threaded holes are for the bolts of a steering wheel puller, and what size I couldn't say without seeing one. I dunno about the rivet either, sorry.

OK, I just saw that Phil has beat me to it.
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Re: Steering wheel and dash (gdill2)

Thanks for keeping me from writing it again....
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