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Here is my story about Power Steering Pump;
Purchase my pump in February 2021 because I always plan in advance my repairs
Bought on Ebay from a Seller called partscontainer or is real company NewParts.com ( website is down)
Bought a rebuilt from a company called BBB Industries (Big)
Model 990-1087
I am going to give you my tip; IT IS NOT COMPATIBLE
Did contact the seller;
As you might know we do have our 30 days return policy to report the issue with the part received, so we could arrange the return or exchange for the new product. Since it has been more than ten months from the date of purchasing, unfortunately we are not able to accept the return of this item.
Thank you for understanding.
BUT STILL....... it is not the right part...
Contacted the BBB;
Mr. Hamel
I have requested our Tech team to contact you to see if they can provide any further technical assistance. Beyond, further technical support to help determine the issue with the unit you received and the application, BBB can not offer any return or replacement product. Unfortunately the product was purchased outside of our customer and distribution network. Hopefully you understand our position on the matter and know that we are willing to help where we can, and consider this as you continue with your claim filed with the Better Business Bureau. Its unfortunate you felt the need for that recourse with us trying to assist where possible.
I know the technical problem and for sure I will not share any of my find. You need a steering pump........my advise; reread my words to avoid any of the "inconvenient" as they wrote

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