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Steering Knuckle Lubrication

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My 1988 245 has the "tight steering" issue that others here on this list have described. While some posters have reported success with using WD-40 on the knuckle, I'm wondering what the correct lube is. WD-40 is a penetrant, and my experience tells me that any positive effects it might have on the steering will be pretty temporary.

Anyone know?
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Re: Steering Knuckle Lubrication (danemodsandy)

Lubricating the steering knuckle on the spindle should not make a difference.

(are you refering to the spindle/strut)

when installed properly the tie rods should be bound by the taper compression fit and not allowed to spin. All rotation should take place inside the tie rod end behind the grease filled boot.

If your steering seems stiff, you could have several issues, worn ball joints, low power steering fluid, worn tie rods, worn strut mounts.
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