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Steering Issue

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When driving the car at low speeds and turning (parking lot, driveway) the steering feels like it hangs up a little (gets harder to steer) and then gets easier, then harder again. No unusual noises, not using any fluid, just annoying, especially when the wheel returns to center, it doesn't do so smoothly. I am thinking it is something with the steering rack but would appreciate thoughts. I am taking the car this week for an alignment as the wheel is around 5 degrees off center. Haynes said this could be a symptom of poor alignment but I don't know. Searched and did not see anything about this. Thanks.
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Re: Steering Issue (Wayne T5)

Steering racks on our cars don't seem to last very long. My S70 (90k) is starting to act like yours. At low speeds it sometimes feels like its turning in mushy oatmeal. Even our '99 XC with 30k miles had to have it replaced.
How often do you get your car alinged

I would try that first then do a PS flush .

If those dont work then check the rack for a ripped inner tierod boot and maybe some rust on the rod itself.
Re: (Chilled Man)

I thought that too- it goes into the shop today for an alignment and then on go the Thors that I bought a few weeks back.

I'll report back. I have tried lubricating the u-joint in the steering column under the dash and it does seem to loosen up a little after I have been driving the car for awhile.

I have checked the steering rack boots and there are no rips- also no strange sounds and I am not losing fluid at all. I hope it is just the alignment. I have only owned the car for three months and I don't know the last time it was aligned.
ohhh ok yeah alighnement then without a doubt.

If you have a NTB near by get there three year plan its fantastic I get my tires rotated , balanced and aligned and oil changed for $25.00 lol

Yes I pay someone else to do my oil , I will change a engine before I change oil I am lazy like that lol
Re: (Chilled Man)

While the car was in for the alignment they lubricated a steering knuckle that is between the firewall and the rack. It now works perfectly with no issues. They also replaced a control arm/ball joint that was bad.
Re: (Wayne T5)

A rack does not have to be leaking outwardly to be bad.
It could be leaking INTO the inner tie rod.
I had one like that, a bitch to steer but totally dry outside
Re: (JRL)

I thought it might be the rack but now it is steering fine now that the steering knuckle has been lubed. I am probably not too far away from one in any event- just not this month.
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