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Steering column pic request..

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Hey guys, quick question. Could someone possibly snap a picture of their steering column where it connects to the boot under the pedals? Had to get the clutch and slave replaced due to the clutch pedal sticking to the floor (44K miles, what a shame) and when I got the car back I noticed a whistling noise in the cabin that went up with RPMs and a squeaking noise at low speeds when cutting the wheel. Did some snooping around and came to realize either they broke where the bearing connects to the boot at the bottom of the steering column or didn't put it back together correctly.. so the bearing is sitting there spinning freely and i'm hearing the turbo as if it's in the cabin with me (have to say, doesn't sound bad!!).
But I just don't want to go back to the stealership and am trying to figure out how this is supposed to be cause i've never heard this before. I tried searching but came up with nothing. A picture or explanation would be great!! Thanks in advance!
Oh and could someone tell me if i'm damaging anything by driving like this? I'm keeping it limited but I go through R withdrawals! http://********************/smile/emlove.gif
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I thought there was a rubber gromett plug thingy that covered that part up.

It pops out from time to time.

If they did the work, just bring it back and complain. Play dumb. They should fix it since the car wasn't in that condition when it first got there.
Re: Steering column pic request.. (s60Rchick)

They might have forgotten to put the firewall seal back in, thus the turbo noise.
Re: (chinaonnitrous1)

There's the shaft going down to the rubber boot with a bearing type thing on top of the boot and that's it..

And they claim it's normal and it's always made the noise. They don't believe me.
Re: Steering column pic request.. (s60Rchick)

I don't know about damaging anything (probably not) but there is a grommet over there (as mentioned, I think) that comes loose over time. I'm on my third one at 26K miles.

I'd take it back to the dealer if they're the ones that loused it up - get a new one out of the ordeal - or enjoy the blowoff from the turbo.
Re: (s60Rchick)

If I push the bearing down towards the boot, the noise goes away. Like it's supposed to be held down by something..
Re: (s60Rchick)

I hope its not the case of...

"its a female, so tell her to screw off".

I would probably call the service manager over the phone. So you don't have to waste trips there.
Re: Steering column pic request.. (AthruC)

Thank you.

I reeeally didn't want to have to go back there but if it comes down to it, I will.
Re: Steering column pic request.. (s60Rchick)

Tell you what - let me go grab my paperwork from my last visit to get you some part numbers/etc.
Re: Steering column pic request.. (AthruC)

This is what it looks like right now

Modified by s60Rchick at 4:05 PM 5-15-2009
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Re: Steering column pic request.. (s60Rchick)

Dealer fail!

iPhone picture of the camera... hah.

"...found the bushing in floor grommet out of position causing air to enter around steering shaft"

"Removed the floor grommet to reassemble the bushing within the grommet..."

No part number, sorry... I could only find one of the 2-3 invoices at the moment.
Re: Steering column pic request.. (AthruC)

Found another one:

"Customer states is hearing some wind-like noises from both side B-pillar areas while driving - cause: F"

"Trim repaired the mounting of the lower steering column sealing boot then road tested further - OK"
Re: Steering column pic request.. (AthruC)

Thanks for going out of your way to find those, appreciate it.
But from the pic I posted, does that look right to you? I could easily lift the bearing, as seen..

I feel better now knowing I'm not damaging anything by driving like this, but it does get quite annoying at cruising speeds if I have the windows up.
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Re: Steering column pic request.. (s60Rchick)

...pink and whites...

This is what it's supposed to look like:

The piece sticking out from the boot turns with the wheel.
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Re: Steering column pic request.. (s60Rchick)

i have a few pics of mine. here ya go!

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as others have said, call the dealer and speak to the service manager, I had the same issue when my rack was replaced a few months ago and they mentioned there was a piece that was suppose to go there. They replaced it...make sure you dont back down..

love the fact that they tell you its suppose to be like that, but yet do they own an R?
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Re: (QnsMostWanted)

AthruC, thanks again!! Yes, pink and whites http://********************/smile/emthup.gif http://********************/smile/emcocktl.gif

Problem is, when I went to pick the car up, I drove away, shifted 2nd, heard it and went straight back to the dealer. Service manager said the technician knows what it could be. Brought it in the garage, did something under the dash on drivers side and brought her back out saying she's good. Again, drove about 300 feet, heard it and went back. This time service manager hoped in while I drove.. said he didn't know what it could be, but that it's a rotary noise blah blah... Him and the technician that worked on the car than went for a drive and came back to tell me it's normal. I said.. It's never done that. They swore it was fine and it's supposed to do that.
I didn't have any argument in me since my car's been there for a week and a half and they give me a pos red neon as a loaner. No complaints it got me where I needed to be.. but it was nothing like the R.

Thanks though!

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Re: (s60Rchick)

And! I picked the car up yesterday noon, one of my friends was there Weds night. They have a pic of my car sitting outside. They said it's still not together yesterday morn. I just don't trust this place..
Re: (s60Rchick)

Which dealer? Don't be shy...

FYI, some of the LI crew is getting together this weekend. I won't be there, but I figured I'd give you a heads - great way to see what your car should feel/look like http://********************/smile/emthup.gif
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Dealer deserves a beat down.

I suggest flying out some of my big big friends from Oakland to introduce to your service manager.
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