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Re: Stange souns from a T6 (NJdiver)

Hm. Thats a weird one.

If you really are mad at your service department, you could do what I did once:

Burn this song
on a CD, pop that in the car and load it up. Then drive up to the dealership with all windows down, sunroof open, with the radio on NPR playing classical music. Pull up, but keep the windows open, turn the bass setting all the way up, click CD, quickly turn the volume all the way up, and then turn off the car before it starts playing. Then put some scotch tape on the volume/power knob.

Go to the advisor, he'll think "what a fruitcake", give you the usual run around, then give him your keys. As he sits in your car to put it where he wants and turns it on, on blast comes out "they got us f*ed up, they got us f*ed up, they got us f*ed up I been movin birds *b--ch*", and his face turns red in embarassment as all the 90 year old Cadillac customers go "oh my, what is that terrible music" - and see the service advisor driving a Volvo with the windows down playing gangsta rap, and all the Volvo customers in the sales lot look over and go "what kind of dealership is this...". And in sheer panic, he doesn't know what to do and tries to turn the volume down, but the scotch tapes got ya covered.

And when you pick up your car next time, he says "Sir, next time, please take all CD's out of your vehicle" - and you tell him to fix your car right the first time, and it won't happen again.
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