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Hey guys,

I've got a 1998 V70 AWD manual that's been giving me some problems lately.

Over the last few days it's stalled out twice on me and was unable to start (cranks but doesn't even seem like it's trying to fire).

It seems to be doing it only on hot days. The first time it happened was in a parking lot after getting off the highway from a 30 minute drive. It kept loosing power and stumbling at 3000 rpm. It finally died in the parking lot and I couldn't restart it. I let it sit for a few hours and decided to throw new plug wires at it since it's one of the few things I've yet to do to it. It started back up. A few hours after that it seemed to give me a bit of a stumble again at around 3-4000 rpm. This was later in the evening around 11pm. Turned it off, it started back up fine. Went for a quick boot and it was problem free.

The next day it started bucking on me while going 100-120 km/h on the highway. I pulled over and let it idle for a few seconds. Whenever I tried to give it gas it would buck and have difficulty revving. I could barely even get to 2800 rpm. I shut her off and waited a few minutes. It would crank but nothing. Like it didn't even want to try firing.

I called up my mom and had her pick up an ignition coil/module assembly w/ bracket for me and dropped it off on the side of the highway. I disconnected the original unit and plugged it into the new one, along with the distributor cap wire lead. It still cranked but didn't even seem like it wanted to fire.

I had the car towed to the shop I worked at and let it sit overnight.

I went back to it the next day and it started up easily and idled smoothly, all the way to operating temp (in the parking lot, I didn't want to drive it and risk getting stranded). The car revved all the way to redline with no hesitation or sputtering.

It did this several months ago but was somehow remedied (at that time) with a new crank position and cam position sensor.

Here's the maintenance I've done to it within the past year (all within 6000kms):

- spark plugs
- plug wires
- cap and rotor
- cam position sensor
- crank position sensor
- new fuel pump (oh my)
- fuel pump relay

Does the ignition coil/module assembly need to be bolted to the shock tower in order for it to ground to the chassis?

I know I haven't done the fuel filter, but I did do an idle fuel rail pressure check and it was about 36 psi. I know spec is 43 psi, so it does seem kind of low. Revving the engine from idle to 2-3000 rpm brings it to 40+ for a split second before it drops back down to the 36 psi mark.

I'm stumped. The ignition system is basically all new, so is the fuel with the exception of the fuel filter.

Any ideas? I'm at the point where I may just get rid of the car for the amount of times it's left me stranded so far. I can only pay for so many tows until I tell the guy to just tow it to the scrappers. It's a rare manual with working AWD (seen a few 850 AWDm's on the classifieds that have been converted to FWD), so I'd rather keep it especially for this winter.

Any ideas?

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Did you have any luck with this? Sounds exactly like what my 98 s70 glt is doing
Fuel pump finally failed completely. The one I used was by "Pro Parts Sweden". I'm only sticking with OEM Volvo from now on.
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