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I have an '89 765 intercooled turbo with 209 K on it. I have maintained it very well.
I have experienced a stalling problem. This has never resulted in stranding me as the car starts and idles fine. It began a couple of years ago and only manifested itself when I was in a right hand turn when the car was sufficiently warmed up. It didn't occur until after warm up though.
I recently replaced a leaking intake manifold gasket and replaced some vacuum hoses while at it. In addition I replaced plugs, plug wires and cleaned the MAF unit and K&N air filter.
I had not experienced the problem for sometime and thought it might have gone away but it returned and now stalls while going in down the road strait as well as in a right hand turn. I checked my vacuum hoses and found no leaks or anything loose and was about to replace the pre-pump when Ken at IPD advised against it.
Does anyone have any suggestions? The engine dies off when this happens and the tach reacts like an engine decelerating normally. No erratic movement of the tach needle. It will regain function if floored and seems to occur at off or partial throttle condition.

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Re: Stalling problem (volvoman9)

Some guesses...

Sheared motor/trans mounts allowing excess engine movement (see bare wires below).

Bare wires and/or poor grounds in the engine wiring harness. Poor electrical continuity in wiring connections and junctions.

In-tank fuel pump pick-up crudded over from using fuel additives and allowing the tank to get very low on fuel.

Loose/poor electrical ground for power to the fuel injectors.


George Dill
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