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Stalling 240

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My 93 240 with 100,400 starting "pulsing"
at idle speeds, it stalls ocassionally when
I slow down to a stop, otherwise runs fine
at speed with no misfire.
New plugs, leads , cap and air filter fitted.
The pulsing refers to the engine alternating
between too fast and too slow.....
any help !!!

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I had a similiar problem and found the culprit to be a bad engine wiring harness. I ended up having the dealer replace it.

It may also be a loose connection somewhere in the harness.

Since I had no knowledge of how to fix these, I left it all up to the dealer. about $800 USD to fix.
my '83 does the exact thing. Haven't had time to investigate. If you find out something let me know please.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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