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Hello and sorry to start yet another SSS thread
However, I felt it was necessary since hopefully the beta fix brings only good things and this way people can share and ask questions on solely this topic!

I got the fix a few days ago and haven't had the right weather combination to test as of yet. I did get the SSS a few days before the fix was installed when temps soared into the 80s, but that weather has come and gone.

I had to explain to my dealer that the field service tech would have the fix after my dealer didn't know anything about the fix - and sure enough, the field tech made a visit and installed the fix.

A couple things to note:
- The field tech told me that I now have to use premium octane. Anyone else told this? When I bought the vehicle and called volvo, they told me to use 87 as well as my service rep told me to use 87 (US by the way).
- Also, until the fix is part of a software update, I can't get any ECM updates or else the fix will be blown away.

Please post your experiences so far.
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