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SRS Warning Light After replacing fuel pump, clears but comes back

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A while back I had my fuel pump go out on the ’03 Volvo XC70. To get to it I had to pull the back seat and as such didn’t follow the precise order of steps to disconnect the battery terminals before unplugging the side airbag sensor in the back seat. Once everything was back together I had an SRS airbag warning light on the instrument panel, but never the actual airbag light. I didn’t have access to a scanner that could clear that and I wasn’t paying Volvo $150 to do that for me. Fast forward, I recently bought an Autel MK808, I followed the process I have seen several others do on YouTube to clear what appeared to be the same code, and it cleared on my XC70. However, after turning the car off and back on the code comes back.
The code that keeps coming back is 00D4 Permanent Fault SRS-00D4 lamp ; Faulty Signal
I have had my instrument panel worked on for issues in the past, before the fuel pump failure and am having an issue with the trip gage again but I thought that was originally irrelevant, now I am not so sure. Could the code not clearly be because of an issue with my gage cluster?
I am hesitant to do anything to test the actual sensor so I am at a loss. Is it my scan tool not being able to clear it, I am performing the wrong order of operations, is it the sensor, is it my gage cluster.
Any thoughts or ideas are welcome.

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It's a problem with the instrument panel, not related to the fuel pump work.
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