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squeek/rattle at about the A pillar

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Does anyone know of a solution to the squeek/rattle, that seems to originate from the A pillar? Saw something about it on the Brickboard forum, but for the life of me, between the misspelling and the technical talk, it was of no use to me.
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not sure this may apply to u, but someone mentioned they had to replace the weather stripping between the windsheild and frame...
I hadn't heard about needing weather stripping, but I have a nice squeek at the bottom-left of my windshield, and it's caused by that black piece at the edge of the dash, as it touches the windshield. I need to fix this, since it's annoying (like my noisy blower fan...), and I think it'd be cured by a small wedge of foam actually.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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