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Re: Spring compressor required for front strut change? (Mk1Racer)

You can rent in in AutoZone if you don't want to buy it (hi Greg
Make sure you have a good Torx wrench.
I would also reccomend Strut Nut Spanner Tool from ipd. It's not neccessary, but simplify the job a lot. I didn't buy it myself as I think $26 + shipping is too much for 1 time use.

Good Luck

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Re: (gdogg16)

Quote, originally posted by gdogg16 »

hold the shaft with a wrench and then tap x nut with the hammer, it comes right off.

Didn't even have to hold the shaft, just a couple of light taps w/ a brass hammer, and it losened right up.

Got everything in last night, new Bilstein HDs and new control arms as well as a new p/s motor mount and a new TPS. Took us ~2.5 hours to do everything.

I really like the way the new Bilsteins make the car feel. Not the smoothest ride, but it doesn't feel like I'm turning the Queen Mary anymore either!
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