We got our first hint of what Volvo's small vehicles would look like last May with the 40 prototypes , but now we're getting a better idea of what the production XC40 will look like thanks to these spy shots of the crossover.

Volvo chose the coldest, windiest, snowiest day it could to test its XC40, but our intrepid photographer was out, too, and when the engineers stopped for gas, he got us these close up shots of the new SUV, based on the Compact Modular Architecture (CMA). The CMA platform will underpin the entire 40 series, including the S and V40, this crossover's sedan and wagon variants.

Turns out that the engineers were none too impressed with our photographer snapping pictures of the prototype, so they actually moved in front of the XC40 to block the shot, but they had to get back in eventually.

Although we can't tell if this crossover was being filled up with gas or diesel, either is possible because the XC40 is expected to come with a 1.5-liter turbo three gas unit and a four cylinder diesel (though that may not come to this side of the Atlantic). Volvo has also confirmed that a Twin Engine plug-in hybrid unit is a possibility, which would make these rare pictures indeed.

Rumors have the XC40 debuting in Shanghai in April and hitting showrooms in early 2018.