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Need to get some comments on spending: im still investigating my options here.

If you have not seend the pix yet, then yes, got the Vanilla form Henry.
Planning to replace my OEM lowering springs soon. however, a few options i can see doing this summer.

1) Air Ride from airassisted.com installed ---3.600 Tax and labor included.
Macpherson Universal Airlift
Slam Specialties ss5 air bag
3 gallon tank
2way compressor - manual up/down

2) H&R Coilovers
Tire rack - 1,321
Total of ----1,568

Euro Sport Tunning Camber Arms ---199 (250 delivered)

i-Garage (Preffered indie)

Roll Front Fender---160
Install Coils---------160
Install Camber-------60
Total ----------------500

So, with the H&R coilovers, i would spend close to 2,300, if i go with Airride, 3600? what do you think about Air ride. I have a friend wth bagged car (Air) for 5 years running without issues. yearly cost is about 100$ is needs new bushings.

Coils installed is fairly no maintenance. Maybe alignment cost per season. plannig to raise the car on winter, low on summer.

So whats your thoughts on this? is the cost having this justified?

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Gabriel just recently did his car with KW coilovers. So I'm thinking it's probably best to go coilovers, driving dynamics will improve whereas with air ride although gets more comfortable, it does not improve performance. Air ride is also more susceptible to failure, now i've heard of leaking bags and air lines as well as winter issues like water from the air compression tank etc causing issues etc.

I would stick with coils to be honest, if our climate was in somewhere like California or somewhere dry like Texas, then air ride(sacrificing performance) would be a viable option, unless your car is a garage queen and not driven in the winter.
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