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Speedtuning USA... Opinions

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So I am having a ton of difficulty deciding if I want to go with them for an ECU or not. People seem to really either love them or hate them.
I know I wont be getting the same quality out of it that I would get from an RICA or IPD but I also don't have a G to spend… I am torn, the price is right, oliver seems to be a really good guy, but I gotta know what you all think.

Lay it on me and be brutal if you hate them or laud them if you love them.

Sell me your opinion.
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Do you have a good understanding of their R&D process to write their maps? Do they have any experience dyno tuning cars to create their maps? Can they provide detailed information about their software parameters (max boost, lamda, etc)? And most importantly, do they have any idea how to modify their software?
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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